Be Inspired

At Beauty 4 Ashes we treat our customers as family members. We are here for you. Life is a beautiful journey that is full of ups and downs. We encourage you to reflect on these scriptures daily.

We hope that they encourage you to reach higher, push harder, and to become a stronger person. We post new scriptures and reflection points daily so comeback and read them even if you are not purchasing a product. If you ever are in need of prayer contact us.

If you are every in need of someone to listen contact us. Beauty 4 Ashes employees real people with real families, with real hearts, who really care about you! Don't keep everything bottle up. It will only increase the pressure you fill in life. If we can help you in your situation we will. Never under-estimate the power of prayer. Many people have overcome sickness, hair care impossibilities, financial disasters, martial issues, and skin care nightmares.

All things are possible with God. Open your heart and you will open your mind. Open your mind and your eyes will be able to see things in a different perspective. Each scripture posted below has been posted for you. It is not a mistake that you are reading this page. Keep reading. Don't click to another page!