Homelessness is not a choice for most people. Homelessness does not just impact adults but children and babies. At Beauty 4 Ashes we support organizations that provide shelter, food, clothing, housing, jobs, and monetary resources to homeless families.  We encourage all of our customers to get involved and to support organizations that provide for the homeless. Believe it or not, you have something in your pantry or closet that someone else could use. Give and more will be given to you. You can volunteer, become a role model, donate clothes, and pray for those in need. Most Beauty 4 Ashes customers are socially active and we are truly glad to have such wonderful customers.  

What is Homelessness?
According to Homeless Connections "someone who is experiencing homelessness does not have a primary residence. He or she may be staying in a shelter, living on the streets, occupying a motel room, “doubled up” with friends or family, sleeping in a vehicle, or living in any other unstable or non-permanent situation."