About Beauty 4 Ashes® Superstore

At Beauty 4 Ashes®, we believe that fresh is best! Each product that you order will be manufactured from fresh herbals, fresh fruit, fresh pressed oils and fresh extracts.  We know that you are not a generic person; and therefore, we refuse to make generic products for you. 
The simple truth is that everyone's hair, skin and diet are different. At Beauty 4 Ashes®, we allow you to customize your products. You get to play a role in the manufacturing process. It's your skin and it's your hair! Shouldn't you have a say?

 The UGLY truth about most beauty companies is that they make products solely for continual profit. The products are often continual use treatments without the hope so much effectiveness that you no longer need the items. This is why many of the products you have purchased at drugstores or from popular online  retailers do not work or work to an extent. Those products are made cheaply, often from prefabricated bases or chemicals, to be resold at a higher markups.

At Beauty 4 Ashes® profit is not our top priority, YOU are. This why we do not make your products from pre-manufactured bases or use cancer causing ingredients in the manufacturing of your products. We want you to get results. Our business approach of  customer and quality OVER profit has yielded the greatest success for our company and for our customers.

 Give Beauty 4 Ashes® a try today. We want our products to work for you. If you have bumps, blemishes or scars, we want them gone! This is why we make highly concentrated formulas for immediate impact and maximum results.

Beauty 4 Ashes is the leading manufacturer of natural beauty products exclusively used by salons and spas. Preferred choice of many naturalists, health professionals and parents. Beauty 4 Ashes manufactures beauty products for people we deem already beautiful people. Unlike other beauty companies that focus on negative self images or imperfections in their consumer, Beauty 4 Ashes encourages individuals to accept themselves and to use the power of nature to help correct perceived flaws or concerns.

Experience the Beauty 4 Ashes difference. All products are SLS free, paraben free, glycol free, GMO corn free, silicone free, PEG free and dye free. Beauty 4 Ashes does not believe in animal testing. Beauty 4 Ashes products are not stored on warehouse shelves and do not use generic chemical cosmetic bases. Beauty 4 Ashes allows each customer to customize their hair and skin care products based on hair types and skin types.

Beauty 4 Ashes sources ingredients from local farms in 28 different countries including South Africa, Japan, Argentina, France, Spain, Jamaica, Thailand and more. Beauty 4 Ashes uses superior ingredients in abundance in each and every product.

Find your perfect natural shampoo and conditioner. Uncover more hair growth and get clearer skin. Shrink your pores and blend your stretch marks. Buy Beauty 4 Ashes, the leader in organic, fresh made skin and hair care.